The latest issue of “Forbes” magazine published an article dedicated to the involvement of ERBUD Operations in the development of the region and the support for the platform Start in Podkarpackie. We invite you to familiarize yourself with its content:

It’s not just about multiplying profits and green columns in Excel, but also the development of the region from which our company comes. That’s why we appreciate innovation and support local initiatives – explains Krzysztof Gaweł – President of ERBUD Operations.

The company, which is part of the ERBUD Group – the fifth largest Polish construction company (and the largest one which is not part of a multinational corporation) – is becoming the region’s leader in its sector. Repeatedly awarded (with Diamonds of “Forbes”, among others), it has been supporting local initiatives for years, such as the youth circle of the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians, the Rzeszów University of Technology Development Foundation or the Subcarpathian Construction of the Year competition. It also funds prizes in the Young Masters of Technology competition for graduates of the Complex of Construction Schools in Rzeszów. It is a partner of the Start in Podkarpackie platform. It is a project implemented by the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency. It provides individual support necessary to carry out work on the development of an innovative idea until the preparation of a viable business model. The project assumes not only mentoring, but also legal and accounting services, assistance in creating elements of identification or even access to office space. Participation in the project is a ticket to later application for a non-refundable grant of up to one million PLN for the most promising initiatives.

We handle many complex investments, including nowadays so important healthcare facilities, such as those in Stalowa Wola or Leżajsk. We renovate historic buildings, such as the granary in Bogu Chwała or the beautiful Małachowski Palace in Nałęczów. It was us who built the multimedia fountain in Rzeszów. We make our region more and more beautiful and friendly for its inhabitants. Thanks to initiatives such as Start in Podkarpackie, may it also become more and more innovative! – notes Mirosław Młynarski, Finance Director.

ERBUD Operations performs contracts in the General Contracting and Subcontracting systems. It uses innovative methods of organizing the process management in order to shorten the time of providing opinions and approvals and to automate processes. The Projects Department, on the other hand, provides comprehensive services in the development of multi-discipline projects at all stages of investment implementation.

“We know very well that innovation is important because it streamlines business. If something can be done faster and easier, we see no reason to stick to old methods. As an innovative company which is constantly looking for new solutions, we also want to share our knowledge” explains Krzysztof Gaweł, who is engaged in the Start in Podkarpackie project.