We are pleased to inform you that from 2019 ERBUD Rzeszów Sp. z o.o. has changed its name to ERBUD Operations Sp. z o.o. The change of name is connected with the change to the company type logo. Our new logo will be consistent with the updated visual identity of the ERBUD Group, part of which we are.

Refreshment of the logo is a natural stage of each brand development. One of the purposes behind this change is to emphasize mutual relations and affiliation of the companies to one family. At the same time, due to the attachment and respect for the existing logo, we did not opt for its revolution, but for a modern facelift. The new visual identification combines elements of the type logo you know well with modernity – it has a simple and technical character, and for a refreshing effect we used expressive colours and a dynamic typeface.

We want the new logo to accurately reflect our character – although we are becoming more and more modern and responsive to contemporary challenges, we remain faithful to our values. ERBUD Operations Sp. z o.o. will proudly continue the activities of ERBUD Rzeszów Sp. z o.o.