The company ERBUD International Sp. z o.o. accepted the invitation to participate in the 3rd Open Championship of the Sub-Carpathian District Chamber of Civil Engineers in the Orientation March which took place on August 20, 2022 in Muczne.

The route of the march was divided into 4 categories:

Members of the CHAMBER – the route to be covered (calculated in a straight line between checkpoints) was 4180 m

FAMILY category – distance 3560 m

Teams from COMPANIES and SPONSORS – distance 4580 m

OPEN category – with a route of 3910 m

ERBUD International represented 9 teams in the COMPANY category and 5 teams in the FAMILY category.

The team of Mazowiecka OIIB – Ewelina Boros, Michał Boros, Dominika Dmochowska, Piotr Dmochowski took the first place on the podium in the category of District Chambers of Civil Engineers.

Right behind the podium in the FAMILY category was the ERBUD International team represented by the Vice-President of the Management Board, Krzysztof Gaweł, while the best result in the COMPANY category of the Company representation was enjoyed by Marcin Żyrkowski – project manager of ERBUD International, who won the route with his wife.