On June 12-14, the National Meeting of Deans of Construction Engineering took place in Polańczyk. ERBUD International actively participated in the Congress, presenting its achievements and experience in the industry. As a member of the Rzeszów University of Technology Foundation, participation in the Congress was an important element in building relationships with universities and supporting the development of education and science in the field of construction.

During the three-day meeting, new trends in construction, technological innovations and challenges facing the construction industry were discussed.

The main topics discussed during the meeting included: digitalization in construction, modern construction technologies, energy efficiency of buildings and the role of sustainable development in the construction sector. This policy also perfectly fits into the construction technology based on prefabricated wooden modules, which are produced in the factory, then transported to the construction site and assembled in the form of ready-made structural elements, and implemented by one of the companies in the ERBUD Group – MOD21.

The meeting ended with a promise of further cooperation and striving for continuous improvement in the field of construction. Thanks to such initiatives, the construction industry can develop dynamically and respond to changing social and technological needs.