On January 8, 2024, ERBUD International signed a contract for the implementation of reinforced concrete works for INEOS – a global manufacturer of petrochemicals, specialized chemicals and petroleum products with 12 production plants and research and development centers in Belgium.

The value of the project is €5,065,700.00
Work completion date: January 2024 – July 2025
The investor is TM Vanhout-Mourik, Groenendaallaan 399, B-2030 Antwerp
The petrochemical industry is a key sector of the economy, but it requires a special approach to safety. However, this is not the first project of this type implemented by the ERBUD Group companies for this industry. The ERBUD Group provides services both in the field of construction and maintenance for industry and energy.
The ERBUD Group’s offer includes, among others: comprehensive engineering service in the “design” and “build” formula. The Group’s companies also specialize in the construction of new and modernization of existing energy sources dedicated to heating, professional energy and industrial plants.