In May this year the we finished the implementation of the investment under the name: Reconstruction and modernization of the hospital premises in order to adapt to the needs of the Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy Ward and the one-room Surgical and Treatment Block at SP ZOZ in Łuków have been completed.

The total value of the investment is over 9.5 million PLN.

The aim of the investment was to improve the use of the present hospital infrastructure and to develop unused rooms. As part of the renovation, the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, along with the single-room operating block, was moved to new rooms, which increased the number of intensive care stations.

The above-mentioned project is another investment in the field of operating blocks that was made by ERBUD International.

In previous years, we have implemented construction / reconstruction of operating blocks, among others reconstruction and renovation of a 4-room operating block complex with a central sterilization room, equipment and infrastructure for the Provincial Clinical Hospital No. Jadwiga Królowej in Rzeszów, reconstruction of the operating block for the Specialist Hospital in Stalowa Wola and Leżajsk.

investment implementation status