On 04.04.2023he company has signed a partnership agreement with the German company BioEnergie Wegscheid GmbH in the implementation of technology based on ecological production and combustion of wood gas „Holzgaz“ in the implementation of thermo-modernization investments and investments related to the improvement of energy efficiency of existing facilities, in particular continuous production plants, hospitals and other public buildings.

The HGV model combined heat and power plant with an electrical capacity of 135 kW and a thermal capacity of 246 kW is a complete unit for the use of natural wood waste cuttings in the production of wood gas, which can be converted into electricity in a combined heat and power plant (CHP) or energy used for heating or cooling.

The CHP plant itself, due to its universal scalability, can be properly configured in cascade terms by expanding the system by a multiplicity of electric power of 135 kW and thermal power of 246 kW, acquiring additional equipment and larger production capacity. Currently, the largest functioning cascade set consists of 15 devices, i.e. it reaches a capacity of approx. 2 MW.

Details: BioEnergie – technology description

If you are interested in the investment, please complete and send it to the following e-mail address: bio@erbud-international.pl of the attached Questionnaire, which will be used to propose a dedicated offer for the HOLZGAZ installation and send an energy profitability analysis based on an individual customer.

At the same time, we can also propose other, optimal solutions for enterprises, enabling the improvement of energy efficiency and thus optimization of costs associated with the use of utilities.

Details of exemplary investments carried out by ERBUD International are available in the following presentations: